Nutribute stands for “Nutrients” and “Contribute” and has been built to save the Baltic Sea, which is our treasure but also one of the most polluted seas in the world.

Nutribute has been designed by John Nurminen Foundation and the project consortium of the NutriTrade project financed by EU Interreg Central Baltic and the Regional Council of Southwestern Finland. A Finnish translation was developed by the courtesy of Ålandsbanken as Nutribute win “the best digital Baltic Sea innovation of 2018” prize of the bank’s Baltic Sea Project

We believe that by joining forces with like-minded people, citizens of the Baltic Sea region will be able to stop eutrophication and toxic algal blooms in the Baltic Sea.

We look for organisations that have ideas on how to improve the state of the Baltic Sea. If you are one of them, hit “Create a campaign” on the top of this page! We screen the campaigns to make sure they are legitimate and carry our measures that will make a difference. Then we publish the campaigns for Baltic Sea savers to choose from.

The rest is simple. As a donor, you choose a project that matters to you, support it with a sum that works for you and then track your impact as the project comes to life.


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