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Nutrient footprint is the impact of an organisation’s or individual’s activities on nutrient pollution, which causes eutrophication of the Baltic Sea.

In organisations, nutrient loading is caused by e.g. wastewaters and emissions of nitrogen oxides to the air.

For individuals, the pollution depends on the consumption habits and is generally caused by production of foodstuffs, wastewaters and energy consumption. It has been estimated that the footprint of an average consumer is about 1.3 kg phosphorus per year (

In Nutribute, you can compensate your footprint by donating to a project. With the current project portfolio, the cost for offsetting e.g. 1.3 kg of phosphorus ranges from 0,75 to 460 euros, depending on the project.

The most cost-efficient projects can be found by selecting “Most Cost Efficient” in “Browse” (